Some tips for getting the most out of AI-powered tools ?

February 19, 2024

Automatic content generation tools have become the essential allies of content creators. Even without real expertise, they can now create beautiful illustrations, texts and even short videos from simple textual descriptions. If you decide to adopt them, certain habits are essential to get the most out of their use. Discover some of them through this little article.

Enter detailed prompts for best results

The hottest content generation tools of the moment work on the principle of natural language processing. So for them to generate the content you want, you need to provide them with textual instructions.

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You can see this online chatbot for more information. It is the instruction that is transformed into content. For the result to meet your expectations, you must provide the right instructions. Also called prompts, they should describe what exactly you want. Make sure they are detailed enough so that the bot doesn't miss anything.

To generate a blog article, the prompt must, for example, indicate the title, the number of subtitles, the number of words or even the desired writing style. Otherwise, the results will be approximate, which can be detrimental to you, especially if you are a content creator. So take your time to produce the correct prompt.

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Be patient with bot

As soon as you launch your prompt, content creation is usually done in a few seconds. However, you may have to wait a little longer. This depends on the generator you are using or the status of your connection.

Certain tools, especially the free versions, are sometimes very saturated, because of the millions of users connected around the world. This is the downside of the success of these tools. You may therefore sometimes be obliged to issue a prompt two or three times before being satisfied. If the result takes a while to appear, don't panic. So a little patience.

Ask the bot to improve results

It is also possible that the generated result does not meet your expectations. This is particularly the case when you enter a poor quality prompt. This can also happen however even when you have the correct prompt.

In any case, you should ask the bot to improve the result by perfecting the prompt or writing a new one. Remember that these AI-powered tools also work on the basis of machine learning. This means you can train them to improve.

Whenever there is bad content, let the tool’s algorithms know. You will be able to say what you liked and also what there is to improve. The tool will then be able to rectify and learn from these “failures”. It will thus be able to very quickly achieve perfection to produce exceptional quality content for you.